Florence City Brand

The City of Florence — and Audi — organized a contest to design a new logo for Florence, one that would complement the official Florentine lily motif seen in the city’s flag and coat of arms. The brief called for an identity that would work towards: “the promotion of Florence, on behalf of culture and tourism, considering future economic initiatives with respect to merchandising and licensing".
Firenze is the birthplace of the Italian language. My intent was to honor this origin by building a new logo for the city that uses fundamental, graphic elements of our language - such as the comma, ampersand, exclamation marks and other typographic glyphs - in a progressive and paradoxical relationship, to create an original piece of artwork that takes its aesthetic cues from Florence's architectural details and cultural masterpieces, thereby striking a balance between the written and the symbolic, the past and our future.
Design competition 

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